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After A Group Event With Amanda Brooks

After being on either the live calls or listening to the replay, many clients report a feeling of relief in their main area of concern that they wish to address, even if they have not directly spoken with Amanda.

Because Amanda’s work addresses the ‘burdens’ of belief systems that we have made, taken on from those around us, our ancestral lineage and even our culture, you may notice that some changes occur very quickly, whilst others take time to be noticed.

Some people may not immediately experience any noticeable shifts in how they think or feel in relation to their main concern, but could experience results in other aspects of their lives. Sometimes other people will notice a difference in you before you, yourself, do.

Other areas people have experienced some improvements from working with Amanda are:-

  • A greater sense of peace
  • A feeling of lightness
  • Feeling able to deal with the day-to-day events more comfortably and easily
  • A quietening of negative mind chatter

Some people may benefit just from attending the calls and participating in group events, whilst others, may want / require a private phone session, where their specific goals and concerns can be addressed individually, allowing various layers to be worked on.

Whilst working on the group events many facets to your issues can be cleared, this is one of the benefits of attending the calls, it is an easy way to make sure you clear any day to day stresses that come up – think of it as a maintenance program, it helps you to react from a clearer view point to life’s trials and tribulations.

To get the most out of the calls, Amanda strongly suggests, that everyone reads the ‘Peace-Making Script’ on a regular basis, ideally five times every day – this will give you the greatest benefit and is sent to you after the calls.

This daily routine, will enable you to anchor in the results received in the group event / private session, and also help you to address any future imbalances that may occur from inappropriate choices we make.

Most importantly, remember there is no right or wrong way, we are all individuals, one of the worst things we can do is to judge ourselves and our progress. Love, accept and be grateful for where you are right now – this, in itself, can bring in so much positive change.


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