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Schedule a Private Session

Within a one-to-one session Amanda helps you to clear burdens, beliefs and stress that may be holding you back on an emotional, financial and spiritual well-being level.  Offered via telephone / Skype / Zoom or Google Meet (it is advisable to sit or lie down quietly for 20 minutes following the session). Some issues may benefit from more than one session.  Sessions are £75 for 50 minutes. 

Live Weekly Calls to Support Well-Being 

Amanda does encourage participation in the Thursday Call Series, this alone can help people move forwards in life.

This weekly series is offered via phone or web call and is centered around a different aspect of the months topic.

Some topics we will be working on include: Clearing Self Sabotage, Clearing Regrets, Unconditional Love, Loving Relationships, Weight, etc.   

On these calls, Amanda shares insights and clearings to affect all areas of life. Many notice significant shifts from these profound group clearing sessions.  Amanda also works with you directly when you ‘raise your hand’ on the call.    


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