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About Peace Within Online

Amanda's background in this work stems from early childhood, where people would come to visit the family home and she would know what someone͛s system needed, in order, for them to feel better.

In 1990 she trained as a Chiropractor, and using this as a foundation skill, trained in various other fields of complementary therapy, over, the following 30 plus years, so that she could further help her client's system's to heal themselves.

The therapies she has trained and become a practitioner within are Kinesiology, Emotion Code / Body Code, Auric Clearing, Karmic Imprint Removal, Akashic Records Clearing, Healthy Home Dowsing, Infinity Healing and the Nutri Energetics System.

Amanda's practice has allowed her to work with people all over the World Via phone, Skype and email. Now she has expanded her repertoire to include teleconferencing with groups of people, bringing in all her healing tools and techniques to bring about deep and profound change to issues people may have felt stuck with for years.

Amanda is excited about this new way of working with people to help them clear

  • Karmic imbalances and karmic imprints
  • Limiting beliefs and negative imprints
  • Unresolved emotions and attitudes
  • Patterns of self-sabotage
  • Fears that hold us back

Amanda believes that if every aspect of your life is brought into balance, that is, your nutritional, physical, emotional, psychological aspects then you can live life with much fewer stresses and get on with just enjoying each moment of each day!

So, why not join her, for one of the end of month calls, to see what peace you can experience within?

Amanda Brooks

D.C., B.Sc (Chiro), Dip M.E.S.K., M.F.H.T., C.B.C.P. (Body/Emotion Code Practitioner)

Amanda Brooks

Amanda Brooks EHT Podcast Video


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