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An oasis of calm in a stressful world

During these interesting times Amanda continues to work with people over the phone / Zoom / Skype or completely remotely - now more than ever we need to find time to be centred - much easier said than done we know! Amanda has released tools to help support you during these extraordinary times. So far, there have been three free calls, each full of clearings to help with the way forwards, a video to reprogram your drink to a healing frequence, an MP3 to help us access Inner Peace and Tranquility - you can access these gifts here.

Amanda has worked with people for over 29 years, helping them to find an oasis of calm, inner peace and harmony in a stressful world on an individual basis - allowing them to let go of old beliefs, unwanted behaviour patterns or ways of being, and truly move forward with their lives in ways that previously felt impossible. Now, she uses her skills on teleseminars designed to help support people all over the World, they can help anybody and everybody, including you.

Sometimes our beliefs and past events that we, or our relatives, have experienced in our lives, can influence us from embracing positive change now. Each month there is a free, 45 minute, introductory call that highlights various topics, such as self-sabotage, blame, confidence, finances, relationships, stress, work-life balance, self-love, etc.

As we work on ourselves, focus on where we want to go, and dream of our future, we can find ourselves becoming bombarded by old belief systems, judgements, fears, etc that hold us back from experiencing the moment.

Imagine how life was only a few hundred years ago for our ancestors - there was no central heating, no internal running water systems, electricity, etc. People lived from hand to mouth, just as some do even now. However, what our ancestors lived through can be so deeply ingrained in our energy systems, that we can find ourselves reacting inappropriately to our current situations, or creating similar patterns to those of our grandparents, or great grand-parents throughout our own lifetimes.

This can hold us back in so many ways. Using a variety of techniques during the calls, Amanda aims to take the 'energetic charge' out of events that have happened both in our own lifetime and those of our ancestors, thus opening up new, peaceful and effective ways for us to deal with our issues.

Why not join one of Amanda's introductory calls, (which you can listen to here) and start making positive changes in your life, or, if you want to dive right into the monthly series click here!

Bad Relationships - Financial Hardships - Fears & Phobias

Which they just can't seem to break free from.

Bad Relationships - Financial Hardships - Fears & Phobias

These introductory free calls give you a real opportunity to

  • break free of these old patterns and imprints
  • make new choices in how you interact
  • help you live a life that is aligned with the true essence of you
  • making peace with all that has come before and within your own lifetime
  • allow you the opportunity to work deeper on the topic with the monthly series, if you so wish

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Amanda’s background in this work stems from early childhood, where people would come to visit the family home and she would know what someone’s system needed, in order, for them to feel better.


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