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Peace Within

An oasis of calm in a stressful world

Amanda's work

Amanda has worked with people for over 30 years, helping them to find an oasis of calm, inner peace and harmony in a stressful world on an individual basis.

Her work is designed to help clear and harmonise any energetic imbalances that are in our energy systems, from past events that happened to us, around us and through our ancestral line.

The events and energies create ‘energetic scars’ that can get triggered off inadvertently causing great distress within, feeling confused, a sense of injustice / unfairness, anger, etc, etc. 

The work is designed to help release those ‘scars, energetic scars, etc’ so your system can find a newer, more balanced state of being, thereby attracting in more positive and joyous interactions.

My intention is to help us be clear off old patterns that have been holding us back, so we can each be the Divine Person we were meant to Be!

Life Themes

Sometimes we will find a theme runs throughout our life and choices, these calls are designed to help gently unfold, clear, harmonise and transmute these patterns. Sometimes listening once can bring through profound changes, replaying the call over a period can allow even more layers to be released. 

At times the body can only deal with releasing certain things piece by piece, it is a safety mechanism to ensure you can digest and release imbalances and still function. 

Many of us get disappointed and think we ‘should’ be able to see it, clear it and move on, however, the subconscious is not always in line with our ego mind and knows the best way to truly heal is piece by piece. 

New Membership to Help Support You

We are excited to announce a new aspect to Amanda’s work, one that will continue to support and nourish all that participate. The subscription membership allows you to have continual support without feeling I have to remember to sign-up each month.

Of course, the ability to dip in and out and purchase them as you go is also an option. You can find out the separate events by visiting the events tab.

Free Tools to Support You

Amanda has released tools to help support you during these extraordinary times. So far, there have been three free calls, each full of clearings to help with the way forwards, a video to reprogram your drink to a healing frequency, and an MP3 to help us access Inner Peace and Tranquillity - you can access these gifts here. 

Amanda also added a downloadable Infinity Healing for 'Living in Traumatic Times'.

Work With Amanda

You can either work with Amanda in a private session via phone, Skype or Zoom to have a tailored session addressing your own unique issues, visit to book your appointment.

Or, join Amanda’s calls, many people have reported over the years the enormous benefit they have received by addressing many concepts that they would never have even thought about, that other people’s requests bring to the surface. This is the most supportive and economical way to address things that may have been holding you back all of your life.

 Remember we are not just made up of our own life experiences, but those of our ancestors and cultures beliefs and judgements about how life should be. Regular clearings of these beliefs and judgements allows us to be freer, more present and clearer in our life choices, helping us all to be the person we were designed to be!

The subscription to the monthly calls give you a real opportunity to

  • break free of these old patterns and imprints
  • make new choices in how you interact
  • help you live a life that is aligned with the true essence of you
  • making peace with all that has come before and within your own lifetime
  • allow you the opportunity to work deeper on the topic with the level 4 membership, if you so wish.

FREE MP3 Around 'Clearing Our Money Imbalances'


FREE MP3 'Clearing out Money Imbalances' Please enter your contact information below and you will be given IMMEDIATE ACCESS to the MP3. There is also the once a month clearing designed to support you for a nominal fee - you can details here.

There have been some special one-off call events that are full of clearings around various topics, visit here to find out more and purchase! 

By filling in this section, I give Amanda Brooks, Peace Within, permission to send me access to the Free MP3, and to email me about her future offerings and events.

We never share, sell or rent your personal information. We respect your privacy.

Oasis of calm
Inner Peace

About Peace Within

Amanda’s background in this work stems from early childhood, where people would come to visit the family home and she would know what someone’s system needed, in order, for them to feel better.


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