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End of Month Harmony Calls

How would you like to clear the cobwebs of the last month away, so you feel more balanced as you get ready for the next?

Each month over this year Amanda will be clearing the stress and events within the month that have resulted in imbalances in your energy system. These events and dramas can be happening directly to you or around you and, can trigger off old unresolved emotions from you or your ancestors!

The group calls will be one hour long, on the last Saturday of the month at 10am and will cost £13 (or less if paid by subscription). If you would like to join either live or on the replay – which will be up for the whole of the month, then please purchase and sign up here for this month’s call.

You can also purchase the replay - which is equally as effective to use, clearing the previous months stories, dramas and unresolved emotions in the comfort of your own home.

Once you have signed up for the monthly call you will receive the login details – you can then write in the comments box what the theme for the month has been for you. Amanda will then tailor make clearings to help you and everyone on the call to clear any imbalances that may have triggered off old layers of ancestral or your childhood emotions that have never been processed properly.

This helps to clear and allow the following month to flow with more ease and grace.

You don’t have to be live on the call as the replay is equally effective, and each time you listen it will deepen the clearings and healings.

Amanda looks forward to connecting with you.

To be notified each month for the call then please sign up here, and you will receive a monthly reminder.

 End of Month Harmony Calls