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'Holy dooly. Amazing session. Thank you so much. You are incredible‘ This concerns the End of Month calls that you can buy on the MP3 page.


“Wow, I didn’t think Amanda’s work could get any more powerful and insightful but this hit another level for me. It felt very deep yet honouring at the same time. Maybe the astrological link to our personality is a big key to work with. Her calm and soothing voice as always felt very nurturing and nourishing and yet the shifts and releases felt instinctive and necessary. Perfect timing for me. Many thanks ‘ This concerns the Astrological MP3 that you can buy on the MP3 page.


Me and my husband are so very blessed to have Amanda come into our lives. We look forward each Thursday to joining the weekly call series, whatever the topic, it brings us so many incredible benefits. Whatever challenges and aspects our daily lives brings up for us we feel comfortable in raising our questions and know that by the end of the call we will experience a greater sense of peace and calm within. Our mind chatter is quietened and we feel to have more space around ourselves, to just be. Sometimes we don’t join the call with a specific issues to clear, however, someone else’s question invariably brings to the forefront something stuck, stored and held, we love the group call series for this very reason as things are cleared that we hadn’t ourselves considered.   There are times when we feel the need for an individual session with Amanda, perhaps more so when an issue seems to have a good many layers and a more personal approach is needed. Infinite blessings to you Amanda for the balance, growth and peace within that has helped to enrich us both. 

Y & D T, UK

I have found the call series to be very healing, getting deeply into issues as we look at different aspects over the month. Its been so helpful to have Amanda's vision and hearing other peoples' items for clearing as they are often exactly what I need but I didn't know it! Amanda brings so much heart to the series, I feel blessed to have been a part of them.

L.Q., UK

I’ve been participating in Amanda's peace within calls for over a year now. The themes we focus on are very relevant in my life and the positive shifts I’ve experienced are real and significant. Amanda’s work is unique and transformational. Over the month she uses pioneering energy clearing techniques to invite call participants to release limiting stuck patterns from our systems so that we are free to make new choices. It’s deep work and can shift deep rooted patterns. I highly recommend.

A.M., London

I am very grateful to you for all the changes and improvements that are happening as a result of being part of your Monthly Call Programme. Every week I am amazed at the relevant topics other callers also bring to the table for clearing and I find it immensely helpful as they are frequently ideal topics that I had not thought about and wished I had as they are most beneficial for me to have cleared! It makes such a lot of sense that we can be stuck in an old mindset as a result of inherited generational issues. I do aim to listen to the calls live every week but find that when I have not been able to listen live that the replays are just as powerful and beneficial.

Even my friends have noticed the changes and improvements in me - so that has been a real testament to the success of these call. Thank you so much, I am delighted to be a part of this process.

J.S. Leamington

The past few months, especially last month, I found the calls powerful. Although I 'still' () need work on my bigger issues that have been with me for years, I do, feel some smaller things are fading into the background, I can't pinpoint specific things just that I feel stronger and more confident in many areas. So, thank you for all that you do and the help you give to me and everyone!

A.J. London

Oh gosh Amanda, I have just listened to the Saturday group clearing and it was the most incredibly powerful supersonic session ever.

As it was in progress that phrase “dancing to the beat of a different drum” came strongly to mind and became Breathing to the beat of a different drum as I thought of my heart beating to the new rhythm of positivity you were enabling.

C.F. London

I just wanted to say thank you so much Amanda for making the free calls available for replay.  I was unable to listen to the live Loving Relationships call so being able to catch up with it at a time that suited me was so great. In fact I have listened to this replay call several times and I have say the result has been amazing! I have been struggling with an overwhelming constant stream of negative self talk that I couldn't switch off as much as I tried. Even after the first time listening to this call I already noticed a difference but the more I listened the better I felt. I am now more present, I am less in my head. I feel confident talking to people now whereas previously I was almost obsessively worrying about how others see me. I no longer go over conversations and situations in my head later thinking why did I say that? What will they think of me? etc. and doubting others' feelings towards me. All of that has stopped! I feel at ease with who I am, I feel so much lighter and joyful. I haven't felt so good for years!! So thank you very much. I am so excited for the other calls in the months to come...

Wendy M, UK

What a great difference yesterdays session has made to me. I did not let tiredness deflect me from looking forward to going out - also I was not worried about picking up germs from anyone either - It feels as though all that stuff was a smoke screen so I could hide behind it and do nothing.  I am seeing how I created a ‘story’ so I would ‘keep safe’.  I am not sure if I am totally out of that hole but it is good start and to understand and know I can feel so much more alive and optimistic again.  It’s been a long time coming.  It seems miraculous. Good to see its possible.

So I am very grateful for all that you have done and continue to do as it is giving me my sparkle back. I Remembered to read the Forgiveness Prayer a few times today too!!  You just never know what will come up to be cleared. Shows me how it is so beneficial to join the Ancestral Calls live really.

J.S. Stratford, Warwickshire
I also wanted to say how much I’ve appreciated the calls. I had to listen to the third one as a replay but the energy flowing through me was just as powerful. In the first call especially I felt energy activating all the areas we’d worked on in my session the day was like an extra boost.
Fiona F, UK

"I just wanted to say thank you so much Amanda for all the clearing you have done for me and the groups so far, it has been a powerful and fascinating experience and I look forward to seeing what comes up on the next call.  So far I have felt lighter, my symptoms ease and I feel more able to deal with life's ups and downs after the work.  I have also noticed changes in positive things coming my way, so I really can't thank you enough.   I would recommend it to anyone, especially those who may find themselves feeling a bit stuck and not really knowing why!"

Lisa R, UK

‘Thanks do much for this months sessions Amanda, they have been so so powerful & helpful. I have more calm moments than I have had probably in 3 years.....& during them I have a deep sense of calm & peace instead of resting panic! It's an enormous difference. Thank you again you miracle worker.’

C.F., London, UK

‘I just wanted to say thank you for organising those financial abundance sessions, I feel so much calmer and freer.  Also much more positive about work so that's great.’

M.S., Northamptonshire, UK


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