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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ's

Does Amanda Brooks offer private sessions?

Amanda does offer private sessions, although she does encourage people to join the weekly call series in order to receive multiple clearings on a regular basis. You can listen to a free call by Clicking Here – where each month I will upload the latest free replay call) before deciding if you want to contact us regarding a private session.

Can Amanda heal my issue?

Amanda gets email requests daily asking for help with specific issues.  We remind everyone that Amanda doesn’t treat or diagnose any specific medical or psychological condition, furthermore she can’t offer advice about any conditions or symptoms.  Amanda’s weekly call series may be a wonderful compliment to what you are already doing with your Doctor or Complementary Practitioner.

Does Amanda teach what she does?  Can someone like me learn to do this work? 

Amanda trained with John Newton, whose training offers a profound way to help ourselves, our families and our communities.  He wants to empower everyone to be able to help themselves. The training he offers is a profound way to experience that.  Many medical professionals have taken his training as well. They have successfully integrated it into their practices, making profound shifts for their patients.

For more information on John’s training please click here.

What do I need to do to prepare for during the calls or replays?

There is nothing you need to do, ideally try not to distract yourself with anything other than being present for the hour. The same is recommended if you can only listen to the replay and are unable to attend the live calls. Many people like to replay the call many times over the month, so they can do more work on the subject, and after the initial listen you could have it just playing in the background whilst you do chores.

What can I expect after a call?

Many clients report experiencing relief in their area of primary concern, and even in other areas of their life that they hadn’t been focusing on. This can be due, to the fact that within the calls, we are addressing many different aspects of negative content, stress and burdens that may be in our ancestral lineage that are currently affecting us in untold ways. Some people get a sense of space or peace within them, and some a feeling of relaxation, each person is different, and it is best to have no expectations, just be present and see.

Will this energy work interfere with other healing modalities that I am doing?

No, these calls work to increase the benefits and effectiveness of other healing modalities by clearing our past ‘energetic hooks’ we can heal from a clearer perspective.

Do I have to attend each month?

No, these calls are set up for you to dip in and out of each month. However, if you do them monthly the work has an accumulative effect and you can start to notice more positive shifts in your outlook on life with regular listening and participating.

Is there homework?

If, you are on the paid series Amanda sends out a peace-making script that would be an excellent supplement to the work you are doing, it generally takes two minutes a day. Each month there is also a downloadable mp3 that has silent peace-making scripts imbedded into music for you to play daily, this again allows layers of imbalances to be released with ease, and is sent after the first paid call has been actioned.

What is the benefit of attending the calls as opposed to a one on one session?

One on one calls allows Amanda to get to work specifically on your goals and concerns for the hour. Whereas, attending the calls allows you to release any imbalances, belief system that are real or perceived, around specific topics, that the other callers bring to the table – this can be an excellent way to clear many things you would not even be aware of.


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