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During these turbulent times Amanda is continuing to work with people over the phone/Skype/Facetime - now more than ever we need to find time to be centred - much easier said than done we know. Please use this downloadable mp3 to help with stress. Over the coming days/weeks Amanda will release further things to help support you during these extraordinary times on her FaceBook page.


The replay will be available here within 24 hours of the call.

This call is to help support us during these extraordinary times to 'Allow us to Access Inner Peace.'

  • Are you worried about what is going to happen?
  • Are you feeling lonely and/or overwhelmed?
  • Are you struggling to find balance?
  • Do you feel constricted/trapped/held-back?
  • Are you struggling to deal with the emotions of what is happening?

If you find yourself saying yes to any of these, or notice the patterns in your family then, please then listen to the free call where we can help to release anything getting in the way of being able to deal with the now. These patterns maybe taken on from others or are linked into what our ancestors have been through!

Click here for the document entitled After a Group Event with Amanda Brooks. It’s important that all participants read this document.

Please download the above MP3 for Inner Peace and Tranquility - this mp3 is infused with healing frequencies to help support everyone with the world events. Please do not listen whilst driving.

This MP3 is downloadable and can be listened to once or twice a week for 3 weeks and, thereafter, just once a month, until you feel you have made the most of the recording. Each time you listen it deepens the healings, initially please listen intently (whilst lying or sitting still), after that you can have it playing in the background (it is 18 minutes long).

  • With Infinity Healing we go straight to your own Source of energy to do the healing, this takes out the ego for as much as our mind feels it knows what is going on, there is so much that we do not know. By allowing Source to do the healing, then Everything is possible, what can happen will happen. Source is the ultimate healer and connecting directly with your being and working on the areas that are ready to be worked on.
  • During the recording we: connect to Source, balance the left and right brain, divine masculine and feminine, mind body and soul, do a full system upgrade, cleansing, connection to Source, aligns the chakras, ground to the planet, clear limiting beliefs, programs, perceptions and perspectives, download love based beliefs from Source, see things from the highest perspective, we do a mind and heart process to keep you in your heart space and not in the mind. We work on the core challenge and set it on auto pilot. We do a process to expand your loving energy to the whole Universe. We connect to the higher dimensions. 
  • Infinity healing works on all space time and dimensions: It doesn’t matter if the challenge stemmed from ancestors, it is a collective consciousness thing, Source will work on it in all space time and dimensions and share the healing with your childhood, ancestors and family.


Water Energy Program to help support our immune systems and to deal with the stress of what is happening in the World. Just grab yourself a drink and within a minute it will be infused with energetic support for your health and emotional well-being. Enjoy!

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Over the last 28 years I have become increasingly aware of the effects that electromagnetic radiation is having on our health, these may be man-made WiFi, Smart meters, digital TV's, mobile phone, etc and geo-pathis - Earth Fault Lines. I personally use a range of products, as do all the members of my family, to help support our energy systems.

I have looked further into these products and in essence they are able to bring our meridian systems into balance and protect our human biofield from a range of over 30 stressors (man-made such as 5G along with geopathic and other lesser known culprits). This enables our immune system to be less compromised. This seems pretty important at a time when we need our immune systems to be as strong as possible. The website goes into more of the technical detail if it interests you and explains how it is tested etc.

Collette has provided me with an offer for you all that if you spend over £80 you will get a free phone harmoniser worth £18. Postage is also free. If it resonates with you (excuse the pun) simply put AmandaB94 into the coupon code when you check out and it will trigger the offer. You are still able to order other products at the same time. These products do not lose their effectiveness or protection ability over time and they do not interfere with your technology. 

I hope you find this information of some use.