Peace Within Call Series

Amanda has worked with people for over 28 years, helping them to find an oasis of calm, inner peace and harmony in a stressful world on an individual basis - allowing them to let go of old beliefs, unwanted behaviour patterns or ways of being, and truly move forward with their lives in ways that previously felt impossible. Now, she uses her skills on teleseminars designed to help support people all over the World, they can help anybody and everybody, including you. 

Sometimes our beliefs and past events that we, or our relatives, have experienced in our lives, can influence us from embracing positive change now. As we work on ourselves, focus on where we want to go, and dream of our future, we can find ourselves becoming bombarded by old belief systems, judgements, fears, etc that hold us back from experiencing the moment.

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Imagine how life was only a few hundred years ago for our ancestors - there was no central heating, no internal running water systems, electricity, etc. People lived from hand to mouth, just as some do even now. However, what our ancestors lived through can be so deeply ingrained in our energy systems, that we can find ourselves reacting inappropriately to our current situations, or creating similar patterns to those of our grandparents, or great grand-parents throughout our own lifetimes.

This can hold us back in so many ways. Using a variety of techniques during the calls, Amanda aims to take the 'energetic charge' out of events that have happened both in our own lifetime and those of our ancestors, thus opening up new, peaceful and effective ways for us to deal with our issues.

Each month there is a free introductory call that highlights various topics, such as self-sabotage, blame, finances, relationships, stress, work-life balance, self-love, the chakra system etc.

These calls give you a real opportunity to

  • break free of these old patterns and imprints
  • make new choices in how you interact
  • help you live a life that is aligned with the true essence of you
  • making peace with all that has come before
  • allow you the opportunity to work deeper on the topic with the monthly series, if you so wish

Why not join one of Amanda's introductory calls, and start making positive changes in your life, or if you want dive right into the monthly call series by reading below!


In the month of February, Amanda offers deeper calls with numerous Peace-Making and Ancestral Clearings in the following areas:

  • Week 1: Thursday 11th March 2021 ‘Cleansing our Energetic Blueprint’

  • Week 2: Thursday 18th March 2021 ‘Accessing inner strength and positivity’

  • Week 3: Thursday 25th March 2021 ‘Harmonising our Physical and Etheric body so positive health can ensue’

               All the Thursday evening calls will start at 7:30 PM GMT for one hour. During each Peace-Making call Amanda will work directly with individuals!

Although each week the focus will be on the specified topic, the multiple clearings Amanda offers can affect all areas of your life.

When you register for this event, you will receive:

  • Multiple Peace-Making and Ancestral Clearings during each weekly session
  • Amanda working directly with individuals
  • Your chance to send in your specific request for clearing each month
  • Powerful healing “peace-making script” to use at home between sessions to support your progress 
  • Continued access to all calls for the entire month.

Special Bonus for Marchr: This month Amanda is also offering a special free bonus for all registrants:
Downloadable MP3 for 'Cleansing Our Physical Body and Energy Field of Negativity’

Click here for the document entitled After a Group Event with Amanda Brooks. It’s important that all participants read this document.