January: Three Live Peace-Making and Ancestral Clearing Sessions on ‘Trust'


In the month of  January,  Amanda will offer numerous Peace-Making and Ancestral Clearings in the following areas:

  • Week 1 Thursday 13th January: ‘Is it safe to trust?’
  • Week 2 Thursday 20th January: ‘Healing our ancestral line of mistrust, betrayal, etc’
  • Week 3 Thursday 27th January: ‘​Feeling ​and being discerning with our trust’

All the Thursday evening calls will start at 7 PM GMT for one hour. 

When you register for this event, you will receive: 

  • Multiple Peace-Making and Ancestral Clearings during each weekly session 
  • Amanda working directly with individuals 
  • Your chance to send in your specific request for clearing each month  
  • Powerful healing “peace-making script” to use at home between sessions to support your progress 
  • Continued access to all calls for the entire month. 

Special Bonus for January: 
This month Amanda is also offering a special free bonus for all registrants:  
Downloadable MP3 for ‘Trusting with clarity, positive discernment and joyfulness’