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Planning for the Future

Amanda hosted a special one-off downloadable call of Peace-Making and Ancestral Clearings around clearing any limitations/beliefs that are in the way of  ‘Planning for the Future', that will help you to live your life free from your ancestor’s burdens – often referred to as karma – that block you from finding peace within life.

Do you feel unable to plan for the future

Do you find yourself constantly worrying about the next piece of information you will hear?

Do you feel life is just out of control?

Do you just wish for some space to breath and stabilise?

Would you like clear your mind of old patterns of disappointment around lost dreams and desires?

Would you like to be in the now, dealing with everything from a more balanced point?

If you say yes to any of the above then why not purchase this special one-off, downloadable call. The call was designed to help clear any imbalances that may be holding onto that takes you out of the now, into the non-existent future, tying your mind up in knots, feeling unable to relax, that has you running around in circles with thoughts, that exhausts you and may even prevent you from sleeping, or thinking properly, that makes you doubt yourself or your decisions, fills your mind with unknown fears, etc. The call was designed to help you move past these energetic imbalances, thus allowing you to feel more still, be open to more positive possibilities, feeling more able to breathe and just be.

You also receive a downloadable along with an MP3 with many clearings layered within music to help support you.