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Conception to Birth Clearings

Conception to Birth Clearings

This track has been designed with many energy clearings to help release any negative beliefs, thoughts, concepts, etc that have been passed down through the family line, and from what you may have experienced in utero.

We spend 9 months (sometimes more, sometimes less) in our mother’s womb, we marinate in her world of beliefs, ideas, concepts, emotions, etc – even with the most idyllic pregnancy there can be worries around ‘Will my baby be ok?’, ‘What if things don’t go smoothly?’, ‘Will we be able to manage?’, etc. These can affect us at a deep level, and when something then happens at some point in our life these can get triggered off, and we can end up feeling fearful, and react to situations in inappropriate ways.

This mp3 includes clearings around the above, plus clearing our field of not being open to nourishment, fears around our effect on our parents life, etc, and anywhere that has occurred in our ancestral line, expectations and disappointments, etc.

You have two versions of the track one with a background of music and one without, both hold the same frequency.

Ideally, listen to once a week for a month, then whenever you wish.

Short Video About the MP3

(approximately 35 minutes long without music and 40 minutes with music)