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Clearing and Harmonising Old Money Beliefs

Clearing and Harmonising Old Money Beliefs

This track has been designed with many energy clearings to help release any negative beliefs, thoughts, concepts, etc that have been passed down through the family line, from culture and from what you may have experienced in relation to what money means.

We spend our life absorbing all that is around us, sponging up all experiences as references for what life is all about, what is safe, what is not, how we should be, etc, etc. These learnings can affect our choices of what being an adult is at a deep level, and when something then happens at some point in our life these can get triggered off, and we can end up feeling fearful, and react to situations in inappropriate ways.

This mp3 includes clearings around the above, plus clearings around emotions, around how safe it is to have money, what we think of people that are wealthy, debt, the economy, limiting beliefs we may have about ourselves, deep fears and restrictions to a sense of inner freedom to attract wealth. We bring in positive attributes in order to fill the space that we have cleared within, leaving a sense of wonder and an openness to more positive opportunities coming our way.

Ideally, listen to once a week or a month, each time you listen it will help to clear the next layer of imbalances that come to the surface ready to be healed around anything getting in the way of us accessing more positive experiences and inner peace.

Remember to download this onto your phone, computer, ipad, etc.

Short Video About the MP3

 (approximately one hour long)