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On the 10th February there was an ancestral clearing call on the optic ‘Karmic Shadows of Abuse’

  • Do you find yourself feeling put upon, put down, burdened by other’s demands?
  • Do you feel things you have to be perfect in order to be loveable?
  • Do you over give or are you overly eager to please?
  • Do you think or feel insecure / unsafe in life?
  • Do you find you have mistrust over people, intentions or situations?
  • Do you find yourself withdrawing, not saying what you need, etc?
  • Do you find yourself saying ‘Yes’ when you really want to say ‘No’?
  • Would you like to feel more in control, more confident, calmer and secure within?

If you say yes to any of the above then listen to the 60 minute call that is designed to help clear any imbalances that may be caught in the energy of old patterns of abuse, these patterns can be from culture and society we live in, from our ancestors, or it may be a linked to events you have experienced when young that created ‘a frozen in time moment’, it may be strong emotions that hold you in a story, thus creating a structure of how life will be in relation to your acceptance in the world.  Any of these imbalances could manifest in feeling life is unsafe, anxiety, over-pleasing, fearfulness, dread, being on constant high alert, exhaustion, confusion, emotional turmoil, relationship problems, career imbalances, etc.

The call is designed to help you move past these energetic imbalances, thus allowing you to feel more peaceful within, more in control of your own life, more content, confident, balanced and present, thus allowing life and choices to flow more easily, to be in the now.

For over 30 years Amanda has assisted people all over the world in clearing these blocks and burdens. Most of her client’s report ‘a lightening of their load’, an ‘ability to cope with life and all it throws at them with a greater sense of ease’, 'a feeling of peacefulness’, etc.

During the Peace-Making call Amanda worked directly with individuals written requests! There were multiple clearings that can affect all areas of your life. 

There were multiple clearings that can affect all areas of your life. It is important to allow yourself 15 minutes of quiet time following listening live or to the replay - this allows your system to make the necessary processing with the most ease.


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