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Beginning Thursday November 9th, at 7pm, join Amanda for three weeks of Peace-Making and Ancestral Clearing Calls around clearing any limitations/beliefs that are creating ‘Self-Sabotage’ to be present in one's life, that will help you to live your life free from your ancestor’s burdens – often referred to as karma – that block you from finding peace within life.

Do you find yourself in conflict wherever you go?

Do you find yourself self-sabotaging your choices?

Are you always looking at ways in which ‘I can’t because…’?

Do you find it hard to make decisions?

Do you suppress how you feel?

Would you like your behaviour to be aligned with your long term goals?

If you say yes to any of the above then listen to the 45 minute free call that is designed to help clear any imbalances that may be creating self-sabotaging behaviour in your life. These patterns can be held in place from our early childhood, from how we have seen adults behave, or ways in which we got attention (it doesn’t matter that it was negative attention!), thus resulting in procrastination, harsh self-inner critic, relationships that don’t seem to work, work place issues, feeling thwarted at every turn, etc, etc.

The call is designed to help you move past these energetic imbalances, thus allowing you to feel more at peace within, more nurtured, balanced and present, thus allowing life and choices to flow more easily, to be in the now.

You can find the call on this page.

For over 30 years Amanda has assisted people all over the world in clearing these blocks and burdens. Most of her client’s report ‘a lightening of their load’, an ‘ability to cope with life and all it throws at them with a greater sense of ease’, ‘a feeling of peacefulness’, etc.


In the month of  November, Amanda will offer numerous Peace-Making and Ancestral Clearings in the following areas:

  • Week 1 Thursday 9th November 2023: ‘Clearing ancestral patterns linked to self-sabotage’
  • Week 2 Thursday 16th November 2023: ‘Clearing and harmonising our childhood of patterns and belief systems linked to self-sabotage’
  • Week 3 Thursday 23rd November 2023: ‘Allowing ourselves to be in alignment with self-belief, inner balance and peace of mind’

All the Thursday evening calls will start at 7pm GMT for one hour. 

During each Peace-Making call Amanda will work directly with individuals written requests! Although each week the focus will be on the specified topic, the multiple clearings Amanda offers can affect all areas of your life.

When you register for this event, you will receive: 

  • Multiple Peace-Making and Ancestral Clearings during each weekly session 
  • Amanda working directly with individuals written requests
  • Your chance to send in your specific request for clearing each week  
  • Powerful healing “peace-making script” to use at home between sessions to support your progress 
  • Continued access to the indepth calls until the next indepth call series begins. 

Special Bonus for November: 
This month Amanda is also offering a special free bonus for all registrants:  
Downloadable MP3 for ‘Having self-belief, inner balance and inner trust'


Call in details will be sent on the Thursday of each call at 7am GMT.  

All calls will start at 7pm GMT, and a link to the replay will be sent within 24 hours of the live call. 

If you can’t attend the call live, the benefits are equally as powerful when listening to the recording that, will be, available to all registrants. 

All recordings will be available through until midnight, prior, to the beginning of the next in depth paid call series.


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