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An online healing and support membership

My Monthly Group Clearing Program

Each month I offer opportunities for you to release and resolve limiting subconscious blocks from you, your ancestors and other life times, so you can experience more of the flow of living in a calmer, easier and more fulfilled way in the present.

We each can be affected by choices that have been made for us and by us, these can set up deeply ingrained belief systems about how life is, how lucky we are, how lucky we are not, etc. Those beliefs / and or programs come to the surface regularly as limitations & challenges of all kinds.

Regular group clearing work is essential for our growth, evolution, & freedom, it allows us to be more in alignment with our Divine Soul Purpose.

Please note — Subscription is Intended for Ongoing Work Over At Least Several Months:

I recommend planning to sign up for a minimum of 4 consecutive months, so you can really begin to see results, though many people continue for years. Please do not use this program for a discount on a single month’s worth of clearings. This is a subscription. Honour yourself and have the intention that you are going to participate for four months minimally. That’s where the benefits really start to happen. You can of course cancel at any time.

Level 1

On the last Saturday of the month there is an hour-long call to help clear the cobwebs of the last month away, so you feel more balanced as we move into the next day, week and month. The call is valid for the entire month for you to listen to as many times as you wish.

Level 2

On the second Saturday of the month is an hour long call around a specific topic – this call will be downloadable for you to listen to whenever the need arises. You will have the chance to have your current issue included and cleared through tailored work that as a group collectively helps to heal many layers that we aren’t even aware of.

Level 3

Access to Level 1 end of month Saturday call and Level 2 second Saturday of the month call on a specific topic, at a further discount.

Level 4

The benefit of level 1 and 2 plus a downloadable MP4 video so you can program your drinks, hower or bathwater with a specific frequency in line with the month’s events. This will help to enhace the benefits of the call for you.

I am excited to announce a new aspect to my work, one that will continue to support and nourish all that participate.

The work is designed to help clear and harmonise any energetic imbalances that are in our energy systems, from past events that happened to us, around us and through our ancestral line.

The events and energies create ‘energetic scars’ that can get triggered off inadvertently causing great distress within, feeling confused, a sense of injustice / unfairness, anger, etc, etc.

The work I do is designed to help release those ‘scars, energetic scars, etc’ so your system can find a newer, more balanced state of being, thereby attracting in more positive and joyous interactions.

Sometimes we will find a theme runs throughout our life and choices, these calls are designed to help gently unfold, clear, harmonise and transmute these patterns. Sometimes listening once can bring through profound changes, replaying the call over a period can allow even more layers to be released.

At times the body can only deal with releasing certain things piece by piece, it is a safety mechanism to ensure you can digest and release imbalances and still function.

Many of us get disappointed and think we ‘should’ be able to see it, clear it and move on, however, the subconscious is not always in line with our ego mind and knows the best way to truly heal is piece by piece.

This is why I have set up the subscription membership, to allow you to have continual support without thinking ‘Oh I need to remember to sign up for this month!’

Of course, the ability to dip in and out and purchase them as you go is also an option.

My intention is to help us be clear off old patterns that have been holding us back, so we can each be the Divine Person we were meant to Be!


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