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Thank You For Your Donation

Thank you so much for donating to the free calls and work that I do.

I have been in the complementary health field since 1990, helping people with many, many different types of issues. ive years ago I wanted to find a way to help even more people and developed a free call to help release burdens that we may be carrying form when we were very young or even as a result of our ancestors decisions, that affect our choices now.

The call is 45 minutes long and I want to continue providing this service to help:-

- Support you whilst you are working on yourself or with a practitioner to clear ‘unnamed’ patterns that may be holding you back

- People that are new to energy work and just want to experience some clearings

- Those who cannot afford to have private sessions to clear any ancestral ‘stuff’ that may be holding them back, this introductory call can help to clear some of those patterns

With the help of all of you, I can continue to help others, keeping the same price that I started out with in 2017! 

There is a specials page - which if full of tools to help deal with all that is happening in life - click here to access it. Also the replay of the free calls can be found here.


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